Acoustic Panels

Wall and ceiling acoustic panels effortlessly modernize any space. Constructed with veneer lamella strips on a foundation of acoustic felt, these durable panels are designed for longevity. Simple to self-install, they can quickly elevate the aesthetic of bedrooms, living rooms, or offices, lending a sophisticated and contemporary feel.

Acoustic panels are designed for sound absorption, aiming to manage noise, minimise echo, and control sound reflections in various settings. Their primary goal is to improve the sound quality within a space. These panels are commonly found in environments such as living rooms, kitchens, media walls, restaurants and office spaces. Their main function is to diminish, but not completely remove, room resonances, particularly targeting the mid and high sound frequencies. It’s important to note that sound absorption by acoustic panels is distinct from soundproofing, which is meant to prevent sound from leaving a room.

This elegantly crafted wood strip panel, ideal for both walls and ceilings, merges aesthetic appeal with superior acoustic performance. Suitable for both home and commercial environments, it embodies modern design in every aspect.

The Oak range showcases a luxurious, smooth wood veneer finish, defining contemporary style. It features lamella strips with a sleek, modern look, set against a backdrop of environmentally friendly, recycled acoustic felt. The panel’s design ensures a quick and easy installation process, enabling you to transform any area swiftly.

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