Roofing Tapers

A roofing taper, also known as a firring, is a thin strip of timber or batten that tapers along its length, with one end deeper than the other. These tapers are essential in the construction of flat roofs as they create a fall, ensuring proper water drainage.

At Smithfield Timber, we offer a range of roofing tapers cut to order. Our tapers are made from high-quality, sawn timber stock with a width of 47mm. We also provide generic sizes for quicker ordering, but if you require specific sizes not listed, you can contact our branches for more information.

Browse our range today, including the 100 mm-0 mm Sawn Roofing Tapers 3.6m, 100mm-0mm Sawn Roofing Tapers 4.2m and 75mm-0mm Sawn Roofing Tapers 3.6m. Enjoy the benefits of our high-quality, custom-cut tapers. 

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